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Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues​

Huff Post Parents, March 10, 2016


"Modern day children are exposed to a constant flood of information which they can't process or rationalize."

Simplicity Parenting

Kim John Payne

... because it is a beautiful world.​​

TED Talk Playlist​

TED Ideas Worth Spreading


Talks to watch when every conceivable bad things has just happened to you.

The two kinds of stories we tell about ourselves

Jan 12, 2017 / Emily Esfahani Smith

We’ve all created our own personal histories, marked by highs and lows, that we share with the world — and we can shape them to live with more meaning and purpose.

The play deficit

​Peter Gray ~ Psychologist

You can’t teach creativity; all you can do is let it blossom, and it blossoms in play

How Kids Catch Our Social Biases

January 19, 2017 / Allison L. Skinner, Kristina R. Olson


Ultimately, this new research suggests that we can involuntarily communicate our own biases to our children through our nonverbal behaviors.

What Determines Happiness?

Greater Good Science Center


Determinants of Happiness: 50% genetic, 10% Life Circumstances, 40% Intentional Activity...

This school replaced detention with meditation. The results are stunning.

September 22, 2016

Mindful meditation has been around in some form or another for thousands of years. Recently, though, science has started looking at its effects on our minds and bodies, and it's finding some interesting effects.

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