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Our world has been changed quite rapidly with the announcement of the virus COVID-19; as our government and ministers respond to this worldwide pandemic and guide us in the best way to reduce the spread of the virus to those who are most vulnerable we need to respond by adjusting our typical way of engaging. Things have been changing rapidly each day with closures throughout communities to reinforce social distancing and self-isolation. As a clinician who meets with many people in a day, I need to be proactive in keeping others safe by limiting the risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to others. As a result I am physically closing my office to individuals, couples, children, and families; however, I am not turning my back on those who require services. Therapists across the province, country, and continent have closed their doors to their private practices and are making a complete shift to telehealth services which include video and phone based counselling/therapy. 



I am turning my office into a telehealth office where I will continue to provide individuals, couples, children, and families with services in telecommunication based formats via phone call and video chat based sessions. My online private practice management software through SimplePractice will be set up to send and receive intake and consent forms for new referrals, and new telehealth consent forms for existing families. SimplePractice also offers telehealth video calls that are secure and compliant with requirements defined by HIPAA. 










Services that I can offer through telehealth are: individual sessions (teens and adults), marital/couples sessions, parent/child check in and strategic planning sessions (8 years+), and parenting support/parent coaching sessions. Sessions can be booked directly from the Book Online tab on my website and my availability has been adjusted to accommodate all schedules knowing schools and daycares are currently closed. Office hours: Mondays 10-1pm and 5-8pm, Wednesdays 4-9pm, and Fridays 9-2pm.



I will be continuing with direct billing for those with Blue Cross Coverage. Any required payments outside of direct billed plans can be paid by email money transfer to If you require credit card options arrangements can be set up in advance of the session to process payments through Square.


Thank you for your understanding during this time of change, we can make this work together!

BriAnna Simons B.S.W., M.S.W., R.S.W.

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