Due to the covid-19 pandemic all services are being offered as telehealth services via phone or Hippa compliant video chat based therapy services, or sessions that take place outdoors in a designated space. 

I am a registered clinical social worker in the province of Nova Scotia as well as a licensed private practitioner. I began providing therapeutic services to children, individuals, and families when working at Bower-Jacquard Psychological Services Ltd in the Valley in 2012, after working seven years as a front line social worker with children and families with the Department of Community Services. After becoming a parent, I decided to begin providing therapeutic services under my own private practice closer to home. I have built a great reputation in the Annapolis Valley that I have now expanded to the South Shore.


Through my specialized training from the Canadian Association of Child and Play Therapy I provide child and play based therapies to children, youth, and families. I offer directive and non-directive play based therapy approaches along with use of sandtray therapy techniques. To learn more about my background and philosophies click on the 'About Me' tab. With my additional clinical social work training, I also offer individual therapy for parents, couples, and family therapies with a solution focus that acknowledges individual experiences, strengths, and strategies.


I have also become experienced and skilled in collaboratively working with parents of separation and divorce situations to identify what is in the best interest of the child(ren). Through a unique process, I assist parents in developing a co-parenting plan together outside of a court process. I am passionate about my work; I offer a non-judgmental attitude, and seek creative ways to find solutions to the challenges encountered in life for children and their families.


Reports & Advocacy

- Child Wish Assessments (Court)

- Professional Rebuttal Reports (Court)

- Expert Opinion Report (Court)

- Co-Parenting Plans 

- File Review & Consultation

- Readiness Letters (Hormone & Surgery)

- Letters of Support (Medical & Education)

Child & Play Based Therapies​

- Stress, Anxiety, Fears

- Grief & Loss

- Behavioural Changes

- Coping & Adjusment

- Anger Management

- Social Skill Development

- Emotion Identification & Expression

- Trauma Experiences

- Family Therapy

Parent/Child Retreats
(Offered Based on Interest)

- Building & Strengthening Bonds

- Parent/Child Attachment

- De-stressing

- Relationship Repair

- Connecting with Nature​

(Offered Based on Interest)

- Educational & Skill Enhancing

- Self-Esteem Building

- Personal Discovery

- Meaningful & Purposeful Goals

- Hands-on with Resources

Co-Parenting Planning​

​- Family Mediation

- Co-Parenting Plan Development

- Separation & Divorce

- Family Reunification

- Blended Families

- Adoption

- Family Planning


- Marital Healing

- Relationship Reconnection

- Separation Planning

- Life Changes

Individual Support

- Individual Therapy

- Stress Reduction

- Parenting Skill Development

- Empathy Building

- Parent/Child Therapy

- Personal Change/Transitions


- Author of Emotionally Attuned Parenting ~ An Easy    + Fun Guide to Helping Your Child Through the            Tough Stuff of Life

- Speaker at Conferences/Workshops/Training                Seminars

- Consultant on the topics of: Parenting, Child                Development, Play Based Therapy, Childhood

  Mental Health & Wellness

South Shore, Nova Scotia

* Bridgewater

* Mahone Bay

* Chester

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