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Everyone has natural high and low energy times throughout the day and if we were able to pinpoint and honour these times by tailoring our day to these high energy "Rhythm" times and low energy "Flow" times we would be a lot more productive in our day and feel less stress. As a parent to young children this ability to track and map out our child's natural Rhythm and Flow could ease a lot of parenting stress and create a more cohesive day for everyone.


Imagine having the ability to create experiences that meet your child's energy needs throughout the day all the while creating moments in your day to tend to the tasks you need and want to get done as well.


Take an opportunity to observe your child over 3 - 7 days of a typically occurring day at home. Observe the following with your child to determine their rhythm and flow times:

- What time are they in bed/what time do they fall aseep?

- What time are they waking on their own (without being woken up)?

- Do they wake energetic or are they sleepy, how long does this last?

- What times during the day are you noticing an energy shift of high or low energy?

- What activities are they drawn to during high energy "Rhythm" times?

- What activities are they drawn to during low energy "Flow" times?

- What activities do you have available for your child to engage with and which energy time would they meet the need of best? 


This beautiful tracking page can then be used for any child to map out their natural Rhythm & Flow. You can place it on the fridge as an easy go to throughout the day or to create play set ups that will meet yours and your child's needs the best reducing stress and overwhelm at home. You can share this with your child's caregivers, daycare providers, or school staff to help them understand your child's natural Rhythm & Flow allowing them to also create a routine that allows for everyone to have more success. This parenting tool can also be used by parents with any number of children at home to help structure the day in a way that meets everyone's needs. Every child is different and by creating opportunities and play spaces where they can engage in a way that makes the most sense in how their body and mind functions everyone will experience a greater sense of calm.


If you would like additional guidance and parenting support specific to your child(ren) please contact me at brianna.j.simons@gmail.com to book a parenting consultation. Parenting consultations can be provided worldwide via video or phone based chats.


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Tracking Your Child's Rhythm & Flow

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