Emotionally Attuned Parenting ~ An Easy + Fun Guide to Healping Your Child Through the Tough Stuff of Life is now available! Quantities will be limited in the first batch of printing so get your copy now to be sure to have it to help you through your parenting journey.


With this book parents can finally feel as though they can help their children process life’s challenges instead of sitting witness to their child’s hurt, sadness, and overwhelm. Children need connection and a sense of safety and security when navigating this big world that surrounds them. Don’t let your child get stuck and struggle throughout life feeling alone. You will learn the power emotionally attuned parenting, playfulness and having fun can have on helping children through the tough stuff of life. These are powerful interactions that build a connection that will help your child with big emotions, through separation and divorce, grief and loss, traumas, bullying, building self-confidence, and practicing gratitude.


In this book you will discover the elements behind emotionally attuned parenting and creating a strong connection with your child. Through this you will Learn new strategies for helping your child through life’s “tough stuff”.


You will also:

  • Explore the Significance of Childhood
  • Learn What Emotionally Attuned Parenting Really Is
  • Gain an Understanding for the Value of Play
  • Help Your Child with Big Emotions Including Worry
  • Help Your Child Through Separation and Divorce
  • Help Your Child Through Grief and Loss
  • Help Your Child with Known Traumas
  • Help Your Child with Unknown Traumas
  • Help Your Child with “Bullying”
  • Help Your Child with Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Learn the Importance of Gratitude for Children


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Emotionally Attuned Parenting by BriAnna Simons (M.S.W.)


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