Inbox Zero... the COVID Cure

Updated: Jan 8

I've been seeing a lot of talk about getting your inbox down to zero. Since opening my practice, it had been a goal of mine to keep on top of my inbox...

I knew from working in the professional helping field that there are so many working connections and communications that the inbox can get full quite quickly. It's important as a business owner to be responsive to all communications and to take care of tasks in a reasonable manner. It requires a lot of organization to be a solopreneur managing everything on your own...

Admin work takes up a lot of time. There have been multiple times I have become swamped with all the extras of running a business, that I wished it was an easy task to bring someone else on to share the workload. And one day that will likely happen, but now is not yet the time. So... there I was nearly 3 years into my private practice staring at the inbox of over 800 emails. All responded to. Some ongoing communications. Some additional file info needing to be filed. Some receipts. Some spam emails or subscriptions. The crazy thing was, I was actually deleting and organizing multiple emails daily. In this line of work, it's nothing to get 20 emails a day of correspondence and communication.

Amongst the darkness and overwhelm of major change, I knew COVID-19 was presenting me with an opportunity... An opportunity where the world would slow down. The busyness of life would no longer dictate the degree of daily success, a time when days could pass without urgent needs for communication. Suddenly, there was a greater acceptance for people to have a little more time to respond because everyone was experiencing the same need to adjust to change. People became a little more understanding and considerate of others, because they could appreciate what they were going through in this unprecedented time.

So I took this opportunity to tend to some needs of my business, and I am grateful for the slow down. My inbox is now floating around 75! I don't intend to get it down completely to zero, and that's okay. Because, the constant flow of emails means I'm doing my job. So, with all that being said. Perhaps look to aspects of your business or life that have gotten to a place you didn't intend, and see if you can take this unusual time to get back on track with how you wanted things to be.

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