A Little About Me...

I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker with a passion for helping children and families navigate through challenges, improve their emotional wellbeing and strengthen relationships. With specialized training through the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy I meet the unique needs of children by using child and play based therapies. I believe in a whole family approach when identifying and addressing the needs of children and youth.

My social work career started in 2003 with my educational journey and I have since graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree from Niagara University, and a Master of Social Work degree from Memorial University. During this time I wrote a Masters thesis titled:  Is Ignorance Really Bliss? Child Welfare Workers Speak Out About Their Understanding of Best Practice when Working with Children Exposed to Domestic Violence. My authorship has come full circle in 2019 when I wrote my first book titled: Emotionally Attuned Parenting ~ An Easy + Fun Guide to Helping Your Child Through the Tough Stuff of Life (available for purchase Spring/Summer 2020)

In my private practice work I pull from the multitude of diverse life, work and parenting experiences I have had along with my education to guide individuals and families through their own journey of self-discovery, processing, and healing. My experience in providing therapy spans a variety of areas including working with individuals, couples, children and youth, blended and diverse families, and providing a co-parenting development process for separated and divorced parents. My primary area of practice is providing therapy to children and youth between the ages of 2.5 to 16 years of age however, my scope spans across all ages within the family and I have experience providing individual therapy to those well into their 80's. I continue to gain new knowledge and skills through professional development in a variety of areas and continuously attend professional development opportunities to provide best practice in my field. My clinical social work practice is governed by the Canadian Association of Social Workers and the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers. Based on my professional Code of Ethics, I am required to respect confidentiality and engage in services which adhere to these standards.


Since becoming a parent I have been driven to create a healthy balance between my career and family life and becoming a solopreneur and opening my own private practice was a great opportunity to achieve this, so I took the leap. Once an Ontarian, but now practically a Nova Scotian after over 13 years in the province, I have settled in with my family in the picturesque South Shore. I love connecting with the community and have taken on active roles in expanding supportive services within the community through roles such as being on the board of directors of Lunenburg PRIDE, an Inclusion Team Member with Simply Good Form, and a board member of the Chester Community Wellness Partnership. I am a creative person with ideas constantly flowing and am excited to bring new services, opportunities , and resources to the South Shore community.

Education & Training

My Philosophy

I strongly believe in the value of play and the profound connection between play and healing for individuals of all ages but most importantly, children. Childhood should be celebrated and nourished through play, as who we become as adults, begins with our early experiences as a child and how we are able to navigate through and cope with challenges that inevitably occur in life.

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My Goals

To provide therapeutic services to children and families experiencing challenges holding them back from becoming their best selves.


To help educate caregivers and support children through their own individual process of self-discovery and enhancement to the point that services are no longer necessary to live a healthy and happy life.

Niagara University

Bachelors of Science in Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Degree provides training in the profession’s empowerment tradition to become adept change agents who use a variety of strategies to advance the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Completion of a Bachelors level placement in a child and adolescent Mental Health Services setting.

C.A.C.P.T Training

3 Level Child & Play Therapy Training

The CACPT Play Therapy Certificate Program offers unique and intensive training in the theory and practice of play therapy. Participants complete a thirty-day program earning 180 hours of continuing education credits and training by instructors who are skilled play therapists bringing expertise on a wide variety of topics regarding child and play therapy.

Memorial University

Masters of Social Work

Master of Social Work (MSW) degree with a focus on creative approaches to critical thinking for leadership in diverse social work practice. Completion of a thesis and Masters level placement providing therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and children.

* If you require my Curriculum Vitae

Contact me by email at brianna.j.simons@gmail.com